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About the author:

Julie TwitterJulie is either writing or working as a massage therapist. She lives in Wisconsin with her husband and a black Golden Doodle.

Julie has been to a few places. She’s lived in houses, worn some shoes, had some hairstyles, bought a red dress, banged on drums. She knows a thing or two about rocks and totems. She’s a girl, daughter, sister, woman, mother, ex-wife, wife, grandma.

She’s panned for gold, water-skied over alligators in the Mississippi Bayou, spent a day at a nude beach in Jamaica. She’s been in the dog house, missed a payment, burned breakfast, smelled the roses, stopped the car, stayed out too late, addressed the envelope upside down, forgot to call, ran a red light, written in the dark, sang her heart out, lived on rice and beans, slept in her car, drank too many margaritas too fast, and won a contest or two. She has loved. She has been loved. But most of all, she hopes you’ll like what she’s written.


Crow 300 dpi Feb 7 VOnce upon a time there was a girl whose father lived in a town where a very bad thing happened. Growing up, the girl learned about the bad thing by hiding around corners and listening to her parents talk to their friends. If her parents suspected she was near, their voices would drop to whispers and then go silent until the girl left the room.

It is those whispers and those moments of silence that have haunted the girl all her life. When she was a teenager she had a conversation with a boy who felt as haunted as she felt. They attempted to unravel the mystery of what went so terribly wrong. They had a few ideas. But then, they were just kids. What did they know?

This story is based on those ideas.

Kindle Cover IIIMar 8About Perennial – poems that last…

A first collection of poetry. This collection is divided into seven chapters dealing with such topics as family, relationships, religion and death. Mostly it is about survival. Falling down, getting up, and coming back better than ever. Something we can all do, a little bit, every day.





Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00029]Girl from Grorgamon… is available now as an ebook and in paperback!

If the taynted ones keep Casconda from avenging the Weather Master’s tortured spirit it could unleash the worst weather Grorgamon Torritery has ever seen.