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My story “Buried in a Book” by Copper Rose in FlashPoint: The Inner Circle Writers’ Group Flash Fiction Anthology 2018. Also available in paperback at Lulu.



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My story “Blizzard” by Copper Rose in Vortex: The Inner Circle Writers Group Literary Anthology 2018




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My story “Unraveling Rita” by Copper Rose in –  Fireburst: The Inner Circle Writers Group Second Flash Fiction Anthology 2018 



Copper Rapture


My story “Props” by Copper Rose in – Rapture: The Inner Circle Writers Group Romance Anthology 2018. Available on Lulu.



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“Pimlico Pond by Copper Rose in The World of Myth Anthology: Volume III. Paperback.




Copper Enigma


My Story “Rotten Tomatoes” by Copper Rose in Enigma: The Inner Circle Writers Group. Available on Lulu.



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“Set for Life” by Copper Rose in Greed 7 Deadly Sins Vol 3




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If a Tree Falls in the Forest  by Copper Rose in Furtive Dalliance.




Copper Rose Worlds Cover


Electra’s Last Cigarette in Worlds – A Dark Drabble Anthology



Blaze Cover with Copper


Gabrianna’s First Love by Copper Rose in Blaze: The Inner Circle Writers’ Group Flash Fiction Anthology 2019



Copper TempestWhere the Mothers of the Gone Children Go by Copper Rose in Tempest: The Inner Circle Writer’s Group Science Fiction and Fantasy Anthology 2019



The crow cover from Joy with Copper Rose


And the Winner Is: Crow Literary Journal



curses and cauldrons mock upLast Stand by Copper Rose in Curses and Cauldrons: An Anthology of Witchcraft Microfiction




maelstrom cover


Opening the Locked Door by Copper Rose in Maelstrom-The Inner Circle Writers’ Group Literary Anthology 2019





Copper Rose Unravel Black Hare Press


Dear Mr. Hempshaw – A Drabble by Copper Rose in Unravel by Black Hare Press





Escaped Ink Tall Tales Copper


Ultra Phenom by Copper Rose in Tall Tales & Short Stories by Escaped Ink

Meet Copper Rose here.




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The Last Word by Copper Rose in Dragon Bone Soup








Upon Acceptance by Copper Rose in Under Her Black Wing






“Demonically Nice Neighbor” in Monsterthology II

Here’s a list of Copper Rose stories you can read for FREE! Just click on the titles.

Perfect Fit

My Mother Reminds Me About Death 

Small Comfort

Storm Window

Bastard of 1952  

Bad Habit 

Let’s Do Lunch 

Lucky Twenty-Eight 

Salt of the Earth  

This Little Piggy Said  page 11  

Algebra Dilemma

The Thing I  Never Told You

Special of the Day This story won Copper Rose ‘Author of the Month’ status at Spillwords!

Goldenrod Surprise

Smear of Red

Pimlico Pond  The World of Myth Special note: “Pimlico Pond” has risen in the ranks and via editor’s choice, will be included in The World of Myth third print anthology! Details coming soon!

Breath of Faith

Author Interview by Copper Rose: Spillwords Author of the Month

Until Death : Commuter Lit

Laird: The World of Myth

Scarecrow Shuffle: Dastaan World pages 40-46 at Dastaan World. Cool pages to flip through. (Note: story not for those faint of heart)

Failed Attempt at Prompt #36: Mercurial Stories

Secret Code: Cafe’ Lit

Forgive Us Father for Someone Has Sinned: Cabinet of Heed

To the Letter: Mercurial Stories

Fire and Water: Palm-Sized Prompts

Stone Carver: Visitant Lit

Feeding the Queen of the Underworld: The World of Myth

January 25, 2019 – Copper Rose was nominated for Author of the Year  2018 at Spillwords

What’s Mine is Yours: Jakob’s Horror Box

Little Bit of Black and Blue: Founder’s Favourites

The Woman Who Couldn’t Make Up Her Mind: Cafe’ Lit

Part II Feeding the Queen of the Underworld: The World of Myth

Hard Wired: Flash Fiction Magazine

Blind Faith: nthanda review

At the First Sign of Blisters: Potato Soup Journal

Feeding the Queen of the Underworld – Part III Final: The World of Myth

Eye on Pete: Mercurial Stories

Relief: Cafe’ Lit

Skunked: The World of Myth

To Tell the Truth: Mercurial Stories

Small Comfort: Commuter Lit

Last One In: Dastaan World – page 39

Karma – Busy as a Beaver: The World of Myth

Booger Man: The World of Myth

We Wish We Could Tell Them: Oddball

Out of the Blue: The World of Myth

The Art of Being Important: Writing in a Woman’s Voice

About Face: Poem – The World of Myth

Between the Green Bean Casserole and the Pumpkin Pie (Poem by Copper Rose) in The World of Myth

Shingle Cells – The World of Myth

Alien Exchange – The World of Myth

Coming Soon!

More stories coming soon!